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SUBJECT: The biggest opportunity of 2015

As you know;

I've been doing internet
marketing a very long time.

And if there's one thing
I've learned over the years
it's that truly genuine and
big opportunities are few
and far between;

Like buying shares in Apple
for $0.02 back in 1980.

Or jumping on the Facebook
marketing train several years
ago before they clamped down
on affiliate marketers.

Well, in case you've been
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You see - because Periscope
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are very little in the way
of "experts" out there who
know how to monetize it.


There are some nerds who
know a few tricks here
and there but no real
"Jedi masters" who know
it inside-out from a
marketing point of view.

Except, that is, for my
good friend Michael Cheney;

He knows everything there
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And today, just for you
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Trust me.

If you want to cash-in on the
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SUBJECT: Making money online just got easier

I've heard so many people
talking about Periscope I
thought it was just noise.

But I've tested it myself
and have to say;

Periscope is one of the
easiest ways to make
money online.

Here's why:-

You just hit "Start Broadcast"
on your phone (once you've
got the free Periscope app)
and you are instantly broadcasting
to the 15 million users on

Now of course - you're won't
reach all of them with your
broadcast but you will get
a bunch of new prospects
(and potentially customers)
every time you do a broadcast.

The trick is;

You need to know how to attract
these Viewers, the best way
to run your broadcasts to
get people to buy from you
and how to get well-ranked
in the Periscope listings.

This is where my good friend
Michael Cheney comes in...

You see he's immersed himself
in Periscope for several weeks
doing daily broadcasts, devouring
all the secret strategies and
even becoming one of Periscope's
secret BETA testers.

You can spend months trying to
fathom this thing out and get
it cranking out moolah.

Or you can just grab this
easy money-getting shortcut;




SUBJECT: You - rubbing shoulders with Tony Robbins and Arnie?

It seems like everyone and
their dog is on Periscope
nowadays (including Tony
Robbins and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In case you've been living
under a rock:-

Periscope is the free app
which lets you reach thousands
of new prospects in just a
few seconds by hitting "Start
Broadcast" on your phone.

And it's not just for celebrities.

Over 15 million people are using
it right now to talk about their
hobbies, their passions and their

This is not a fad.

This is a completely new, fun
and quick way of making money.

Forget having to write masses
of articles or slave away
trying to get videos on YouTube.

With Periscope you can just
click a button and instantly
attract hundreds of money-rich

But there's a problem;

You need to know how to
use Periscope in the right way.

How to get more Followers,
how to get your Broadcasts
seen by lots of people and
how to turn all this action
into money.

Enter Michael Cheney stage left.

My good friend Michael is
my goto guy for Periscope.

He's be all over this thing
the moment he heard about it.

And today he's released a
breakthrough training program
which shows you how you can
cash-in on this mega hot trend.

You need to grab this now;




SUBJECT: Where the money is on Periscope (and how to get it)

I know what you're thinking;

"Here comes yet another
passing fad which will
die on the vine."


Periscope has 15 million
users, is backed by Twitter,
has attracted all kinds of
stars to its free app (including
Arnie, Tyra Banks, Tony Robbins
and the American Idol and X Factor
TV shows too).

It's still in its infancy which
is great for you.

Because this means the pickings
are still extremely rich.

(If you know how to use it).

You see:-

There's a special way you
can use Periscope to make money
and it's very easy to do once
you've learned the steps.

You just need a smartphone
and the free app and you
can seriously be cranking
out the moolah with this thing.

My good friend Michael Cheney
is a master at it.

He's been leading the charge
of marketers over on Periscope
for several weeks now and
really knows his onions.

He's my goto guy when it comes
to Periscope and he should
be yours too.

The best part?

Today he's released a new
breakthrough training program
which shows you exactly where
the money is on Periscope and
how to get it.

This isn't some big over the
top launch either - he's given
me special permission to
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So run on over to this special
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